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Women's Clothing

Woman's Clothing

Performance Women’s
Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor women demand performance women's clothing that matches their love of the outdoors. That's why we offer a huge selection of women’s outdoor clothing like hiking pants and base layers as well as women's ski and bike clothes, hiking clothes, and just about everything else you need to be your best. MORE

Top Quality Women’s
Outdoor Clothing

An outdoor woman doesn't want to worry about how she looks when she’s rafting down a river. She shouldn’t have to worry about her gear holding up as she scales a mountain. She just needs to know that she’s wearing the best quality women’s outdoor clothing so she can have her adventures worry-free. MORE

The Best Women’s Outdoor Clothing

No woman wants to worry about how she looks when she’s in the outdoors. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to have your clothing hold up in the backcountry. You’ll find the best-quality women’s outdoor clothing so all your adventures are worry-free. MORE

Trail Running Clothing Tips

When it comes to running clothes, you might think, "Hey, all I need is a shirt and some shorts." Indeed, running's simple - and we don't want to turn this into combat training! But the clothing choices you make can affect your performance and comfort, especially with the newer high-tech fabrics and designs.

Wick away

There's no way around it. You sweat. Wear breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin while you run. Unlike 100% cotton that gets wet and stays wet, wicking fabrics help you regulate your core temperature and avoid overheating or chilling. Great examples include EMS® Techwick® polyester which wicks, packs, wears, and washes like nothing else.

Go light

With the rising demand for fast and light clothing, you'll find that many of the newer fabrics not only deliver wicking action but are ultralight. The North Face® Flight Series" perfectly demonstrates the concept of both minimizing weight and wasted energy. Ideal for done-in-a-day and weekend adventures

Layer efficiently

Use a base layer for moisture management, an outer shell to protect you from wind and rain when the temperature dips below 40 degrees, and a thermal insulating layer when the temperature drops below zero. Today, many performance fabrics also do "double duty" to minimize weight (for example, one layer that's shell on the outside, fleece on the inside).

Sheild against wind and rain

Mother Nature shouldn't slow you down when you're moving fast. With modern advances, you can easily pack a wind or rain shell without adding discernable weight. Some of these lightweight wonders weigh just a few ounces, but are fully waterproof, breathable, windproof ripstop nylon that can battle windy summits or surprise squalls with ease.

Protect your extremities while running

You've probably heard that most of your body heat escapes from your head. And when it's cold out, your body pumps less blood to your extremities in order to maintain heat in your core. In weather below 40 degrees, be sure to wear a lightweight hat (or try an earband). Wicking gloves are important, too. Look for waterproof, breathable, wind-blocking gloves that warm you up without overheating your hands.

Look for performance clothing features

In clothing design, comfort is closely tied to performance. For example, gusseted crotches not only prevent chafing but also enhance mobility. Waistband-integrated gel pockets made of mesh won't irritate your skin and also give you easy access to fuel. Mesh side panels provide extra venting. Flatlock seams help avoid discomfort.

Women, invest in a high-tech sports bra

ALWAYS wear a sports bra to avoid back and neck strain, chafing, and damage to the breast ligaments. For running, look for a "high-impact" bra that wicks sweat, dries quickly, and lets your body breathe.

Wear performance socks

To avoid blisters and reduce chafing, ensure your socks are a synthetic or wool blend, or high quality wool. What's most important is that the sock fits your foot snugly and works with your shoe combination. Many trail runners also advocate a double-layer sock versus the traditional single-layer sock to wick moisture and absorb friction.

Hydrate for your run

Don't underestimate your body's need for water. You're always perspiring, even in cooler months. If you wait until you're thirsty, you've waited too long. As you start extending your runs, investigate a low-profile hydration pack. (And don't forget fuel too...stash an energy bar or gel pack in case you run longer than you intended.)

Run safe

Ensure you're visible in the dark with reflective apparel. If you're running in the woods, remember it gets dark more quickly. And if you're running along a road, experts say you need to be clearly visible 300 to 400 feet ahead of an oncoming car's headlights. Look for jackets, tops, and pants with reflective panels, stripes, or dots. Also consider an L.E.D. wrist band that lights up for visibility. At minimum, throw on a lightweight reflective vest - it does the job even if it's not the most stylish!


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