SmartWool socks and clothing were born with comfort in mind and a desire to satisfy the needs of hikers, runners, skiers, cyclists, climbers, hikers and anyone else who enjoys comfort and performance.

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SmartWool socks were born with comfort in mind. SmartWool founders were New England ski instructors struggling to keep their feet warm. After trying a variety of sock materials, they rediscovered an age-old classic: wool. But while these socks may have been warm, they were itchy and shrank. So SmartWool worked on a process to make SmartWool socks soft and easy care. SmartWool was born on a simple belief: keeping feet comfortable while hiking, skiing, biking or running. SmartWool launched its everyday-use lifestyle line in 2004, bringing extraordinary comfort to daily life with fun, fashionable designs. Both socks and clothing now enjoy worldwide distribution.

The material used to make Smartwool socks comes from the wool of Merino sheep. Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest, softest and best crimp wool of any sheep. This is important because the finer the wool, the less likely it is to itch when in contact with the skin. And the more crimp, the better the material is able to stretch and conform to the body shape and also to regulate temperature.

Smartwool socks are excellent because they transport moisture away from the body and through the material. This keeps your skin warm and dry. And because Smartwool socks and clothing are made from the very best merino wool it has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools and like most wools it contains lanolin which has antimicrobial properties. These characteristics are what make Smartwool socks perfect socks for hiking, skiing, climbing or cycling.