Paddleboarding is a sport for everyone and is great for kids and adults. You don’t need to be super fit to paddleboard and with a few quick pointers you will be on your way to having fun in any type of conditions. Our paddleboarding programs include intro classes which focus on getting you acclimated to the board, balance, paddle strokes, and becoming more efficient with each stroke you take. Lesson are held at various locations throughout Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts. Paddleboard tours are also available and most trips do not require any previous paddleboarding experience. Tours are also available in Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts. In 2013 we added a fitness component to our paddleboard lineup. With a few certified fitness trainers on staff who have a passion for paddleboarding, we were able to launch ourselves into the world of SUP Fit. If you love to exercise and love to be in a fun group environment, you must try our SUP Fitness classes. They are great for any skill level and are sure to make you sweat! Classes available in Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts and are taught by certified ACA SUP/ Fitness Instructors.

Course Length Cost (pp) Location Dates
Intro to SUP two and a half hours $55 Lincoln Woods
SUP Fitness two hours $40 Lincoln Woods
Ocean SUP six hours $75 URI Bay Campus
Fall Foliage Tour three hours $55 Cumberland
ACA SUP 1/2 three days $350 Lincoln Woods
Downwinder full day $75 TBA
SUP Race Training two hours $40 Lincoln Woods
Women’s Distance SUP two to seven hours $55-$75 TBA
100 Acre Cove Tour three hours $55 Barrington