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Products That Keep Bugs from Bugging You

At Eastern Mountain Sports, we carry a range of protective products designed to put some distance between you and the biting, stinging, and generally annoying insects that can ruin your day or night. Here are the four categories of bug protection available in our stores and on our website, and a brief description of how these products can make your next outdoor adventure more enjoyable.

Bug Repellent

Contrary to popular belief, bug repellent doesn't ward off bugs or drive them away from you. Bug repellent confuses the receptors insects use to identify potential food sources, and Eastern Mountain Sports has a variety of repellents for you to choose from. One of our most popular and most recommended brands is Ben's, which works on all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes and ticks. It's important to note that Ben's contains DEET, as does Repel and Ultrathon from 3M. If you prefer a natural product, Natrapel and Herbal Armor from All Terrain are completely DEET-free.

Head Nets, Bug Jackets & Pants

If you're hiking, kayaking, or exploring in marshy areas with still waters that mosquitoes and other irritating insects love, you'll want to take your protection to the next level. At Eastern Mountain Sports, we carry lightweight mesh nets that offer an impenetrable barrier between you and all kinds of insects. Whether you need a head net to keep bugs out of your eyes, ears, and mouth or the full-body protection provided by a mesh jacket and mesh pants, we have everything you need to stop the bugs while allowing the adventure to continue. Gardeners love them, too!

Bug-Repellent Clothing

In addition to topically applied repellents, we also carry clothing, hats, and buffs treated with insect repellent. Our friends at ExOfficio use an odorless repellent called Insect Shield in their Bugsaway shirts and hats. We developed our own No Fly Zone pants with permethrin to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers, flies, and midges. When washed separately from other textiles, the insect-repelling qualities of both Bugsaway and No Fly Zone gear will last for 70 washings. That may not sound like a lot, but if you consider weekly washings during bug season, you're talking 18 weekends a year, or four years of useful life, which can be extended by hand washing instead of machine washing.

Bug Protection for Sleeping

After a long day of hiking, kayaking, cycling, and avoiding insects in the process, you're going to need a good night's sleep. If you're sleeping under the stars or looking for a true bug-free haven inside your tent, you'll need one of Sea to Summit's Insect Shield shelters. Treated with repellent, these mesh shelters prevent all kinds of insects from getting through to you.

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