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Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Wilderness Systems began in 1985 and has quickly become known for performance, premium outfitting, and great quality. Winner of Canoe and Kayak magazine's Boat Brand of the Year Award for the past four years, Wilderness Systems is a team of serious people focused on building high-quality gear and professional service as well as honing their own kayaking skills.

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Recreational Kayaks
Novice and casual paddlers looking to enjoy lakes and flatwater should consider Wilderness Systems recreational kayaks. These kayaks are lighter and made with stability in mind. While they may not track as well as some larger kayaks, you'll find them easier to handle in smaller places and simple to load up after a day on the water.


Touring/Sea Kayaks
Light Touring Kayaks
If you're looking to enjoy the experience of large bodies of open water (lakes, bays, oceans) consider Wilderness Systems touring kayaks. Made to keep you comfortable for longer trips, these kayaks track really well and have large cargo capacities to hold supplies and gear needed for multiday trips.


Fishing Kayaks
While they contain many of the same stability characteristics of a recreational kayak, these boats are fully rigged with accessories to keep the angler happy. These Wilderness Systems kayaks won't track as well as a touring kayak, but they will be pre-rigged with fishing rod holders, deck rigging, and specially designed cargo holds.

Sit on Top

Sit On Top Kayaks
Comfort is the name of the game with these kayaks. While they share many of the same characteristics of touring and recreational kayaks, they are less confining for larger kayakers. And because these Wilderness Systems kayaks sport an open deck versus the traditional closed deck design, there is no need to practice self-rescue techniques should these kayaks roll.

Wilderness Systems Favorites

While Wilderness Systems makes a lot of great styles for a variety of purposes, these boats consistently rise to the top of our customers' wish list.

  • Tarpon: An easy-to-transport, easy-to-paddle recreational kayak that is stable and versatile. The Tarpon is what recreational kayaking is all about. Explore the Tarpon 120 | Tarpon 120 Angler
  • Pungo: The perfect balance of size and manageability. Quick, stable, and not too big for one person to handle, portage, or car-top. A pleasure on flat and slow-moving water. Explore the Pungo 120 | Pungo 120 Angler | Pungo 120 Ultralight | Pungo 140
  • Tsunami: A touring hull that is as comfortable for beginners as it is rewarding to seasoned paddlers. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami is lean and sleek, so you knock off the miles with ease on your expeditions. Explore the Tsunami 125 | Tsunami 145 | Tsunami 120 | Tsunami 140

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