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Adventure Travel

Eastern Mountain Sports and Austin-Lehman Adventures partner to bring you award-winning adventure travel vacations around the world.

Our 38 year legacy as an
Adventure Travel Company speaks for itself

With a legacy going back to 1974, we've been sharing our love of adventure with our guests. Our longtime insider's knowledge and extensive contacts in each destination allow us to offer cultural and artistic experiences and encounters that give our guests a much more in-depth feel for the local people and their way of life. START YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE


Family Adventures

"Active, rewarding, relaxing and most of all, fun!"
...not always the words you associate with planning or even going on a family adventure vacation, especially when there are so many factors to consider - like varying personalities, interests, athletic abilities and (to put it politely) limited attention spans. Take a peek at our all-inclusive family adventures.

Family Adventures

"I didn't think it was possible to have such a stress-free vacation, be so active, and just be able to be with my kids. No decisions, no anxiety. Just calmness and fun."
Cheryl Hemme, Michigan
Yellowstone Family Adventure

Biking Tours

See the World on Two Wheels
Pedal from canyon to countryside, village to vineyard, meadow to mountaintop, fully immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the region on our biking vacations. Mountain bike through vast forests and into the depths of steep-walled canyons. Cycle along lakeside shores and longhorn sheep-studded pastures. Stop for photographs, a winery tour or a latte in a village café. At the end of the day, there's nothing better than a well-deserved soak in a natural hot spring, a glass of fine local wine, a sumptuous meal and a restful night's sleep.

Family Adventures

Hiking Vacations & Tours

The World's Best Hiking Destinations...
After nearly a quarter decade of incessant research and well-worn soles, Austin-Lehman is proud to say we've refined our walking and hiking trips to an art form. Join us as we explore some of the world's most remote regions on foot: hike alongside glaciers, into the depths of a stunning canyon, enjoy the views from a mountaintop lookout. Stroll pristine shorelines, wildflower-studded meadows and unpopulated backcountry trails. Walk along jungle paths, rows of vineyard vines and geyser basin boardwalks.

Family Adventures

Multisport Adventure Vacations

Austin-Lehman offers multisport adventure vacations that combine the best adventure activities into one amazing adventure vacation. Why settle for just one activity when you can do multiple activities on one epic adventure. How do we do it? Austin-Lehman provides all the equpiment, expert guides, routes, trails and motiviation to get you out there! All you need to do it show up! Imagine a bike ride through the Canadian Rockies, hiking Sentinel Pass and glacier trekking on the Athabasca Glacier all on the same trip! We got the tools to build your next multisport adventure vacation.

Multisport Adventure Vacations

Custom Vacation Packages

Custom trips, tailored just for you! Austin-Lehman has been crafting custom adventure vacations for over 20 years. The process is simple: you tell us what you want to do, how much you want to spend and how active you'd like to be and we'll build it exactly your way. Looking for a higher level of challenge and distance? No problem. Want something that's really over-the-top? That's our specialty. Whatever your dream may be, we can build a custom vacation to your specifications and you'll quickly be on your way to an adventure of a lifetime.

Family Adventures

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