Camping Fun and Games

Getting out of the city or suburbs and into the woods is a classic way to spend time with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors, and participate in sports and activities you can’t do anywhere else. Taking the kids along on these trips can also be a wonderful experience, but make sure you’ve got the right CAMPING EQUIPMENT that will keep them engaged and excited throughout the trip.

Traditional Sports Meet Camping Fun

You can’t go wrong with taking footballs, baseballs and gloves, soccer balls, and other standard sports equipment to the campsite. But to make the camping trip an even more special experience, you may want to look into a few products that take this sports equipment and turn it on its head.

The Waboba Moon Ball, for example, will give your kids, and even you, the chance to make up new games, taking advantage of the ball’s unparalleled bounce. The ball is designed with craters to give it an unpredictable bounce that will have your kids running and jumping all day.

The OgoSport Volo Havik football helps anyone throw a spiral that can go for yards and yards. With its soft but durable construction, this toy is a perfect addition to your outdoor gear.

Flying Discs

If you think Frisbees should be limited to the quad of your alma mater, you probably haven’t seen the advanced discs and rings that have been developed. The Aerobie Squidgie Disc, for example, is flexible and soft, making it ideal for on-the-go activities; and since it floats, you don’t have to worry about losing it in the water.

Aerobie also makes the Pro Ring, which is even better for the Frisbee-inept and can fly farther than other discs.


If you want to give your kids hours of entertainment, hand them a kite. These have been among kids’ favorite outdoor toys for decades, and can be a good alternative to traditional sports. If you and your kids are new to kiting, you may first want to try a beginner kite that’s easy to assemble, launch, and control. The Prism Jazz Stunt Kite is a great example, as it’s built with extra-durable materials to handle any crashes, and is designed for smaller users, like kids.

If you’re confident in your skills with a kite, you may want to opt for a more advanced product, such as the Prism Zero G Glider. Kites like these can find even the smallest air current to support liftoff. These kites are also extremely light and can be easily packed up and stowed away, making them ideal pieces of CAMPING GEAR.

Nature Games

Looking for tracks and filling them in with plaster will never get old, but now you can supplement this with games developed to teach your kids how to identify all kinds of tracks. Play these memory-based games, and then head out onto the trail to identify as many tracks as you can.

Other, more traditional board games are available that are inspired by family camping and are designed to be played around the picnic table outside. If you’re hoping to prepare your kids for a life of climbing or water sports, play the ThinkFun Knot-So-Fast game, which is an easy way to learn the most useful knots.

These are just a few of the dozens of ideas for games to play on a family camping trip. Mix and match any of these to create an extremely memorable time that will have your kids asking to hit the outdoors every weekend.