Camping & Hiking Guide

Helping You Find the Right Gear for Your Adventure

It started with passion.

In 1967, two men, a hotelier and a lawyer, started Eastern Mountain Sports to fulfill their vision of bringing quality outdoor product to the Northeast. Within a year, they opened the largest outdoor equipment store in New England. Now, almost half a century later, what started in a small town in Massachusetts has grown to over 65 stores and schools across 8 states, providing millions of people with the tools they need to do what they love the most, enjoy the outdoors. At Eastern Mountain Sports, we pride ourselves on bringing the same level of attentiveness, expertise, and service that existed in that first small store to any person that walks through any one of our doors. It started with passion, and now it is not just our legacy, it is our tradition.

With the changing of winter to spring comes the start of camping season, so we’ve put together a list of the essential things you will need to enjoy yourselves on the trail and at the campsite. Whether you’re a beginner driving out to a site for a night with the family, looking for the right equipment to keep you all comfortable, or a seasoned outdoorsman hitting the trail, looking for an upgrade to the latest and greatest gear, at EMS we have the knowledge, products, and passion to get you exactly what you need. Here are what we feel are the most important groups of camping and hiking equipment and clothing, the significant things to know about each one, and even some quick recommendations for good measure. Enjoy.