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Your backpack is your partner on the trail, providing all of your basic needs – water, food, and shelter. Like any great partner, a carefully chosen, fitted, and equipped pack is always there for you when you really need it, and it delivers in spades. Depending on your itinerary, you can choose a pack designed for simple relaxed trips, or for intense backpacking expeditions. While packs for different trips vary in size and shape, they all share the same fundamental quality – providing maximum storage volume while remaining ergonomically sound, so you can travel through the landscape as efficiently as possible.

Day & Hydration Packs

Smaller in volume, or designed to help you bring water supplies with you, these packs typically have a lower volume capacity and are meant for more relaxed or less strenuous trips. Usually, a day pack doubles as a travel or school bag, but is primarily designed for bringing essentials on a hiking trip. Hydration packs will often have similar amounts of storage space, but also include reservoirs that allow you to carry and drink fresh water straight from your bag. Hydration packs come in a range of sizes, and are made for a variety of uses. A smaller, minimalistic hydration pack may be perfect for a mountain biking trip or a long run, while one with a larger bladder could be useful on longer, deeper treks into the wilderness.

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Overnight Packs

Medium in size and volume capacity, these packs are perfect for a trip lasting a night or two. They have room for your small tent, sleeping bag and pad, and all the other essentials that keep you going and satisfied out on the trail. Overnight packs are built with more substantial belts around the hips and include a light frame sheet along your back, which helps evenly distribute the increased weight of the additional gear you will be bringing along. This combination allows you to focus on your voyage through the landscape – not on gear tied to and rattling around the outside of an under-sized pack. Extremely versatile, overnight packs double as day packs for more gear-intensive activities, like rock climbing, and make great travel bags that, when packed carefully, can be stuffed into aircraft overhead bins.

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Extended Trip Packs

You plan on being off the grid for a fair amount of time, bringing extra food and fuel for your journey. A seasoned backpacker knows to keep the weight of the pack down, but calories are not weightless, no matter how much vacuum sealing you do. Extended trip packs have maximum room and carry the most weight in food, water, fuel, and gear. Like other packs, they have straps and harnesses to make sure the load is firmly and correctly anchored to your body, but what they also boast is a strong internal frame structure designed to give it the ability to withstand greater force and maintain its ergonomic shape. Now, instead of a giant bag hanging over your shoulders, there is another skeleton attached to your body, one as capable of carrying the load as you are. Properly fitted, a fully loaded pack allows you to stand nearly straight, taking normal strides as you hike to your pristine backcountry site.

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