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Rain Gear


It is important to always be prepared for if the weather turns on you. While water keeps us alive, getting too wet can cause a lot of problems on the trail or at the campsite. It can make it difficult to sleep, you can get very cold very quickly, and it can ruin some of the electronic equipment you likely have with you. With that in mind always make sure to have a full complement of rain-protective gear, including a waterproof pack cover or liner and dry sacks, to make sure the things that you need don’t get soaked through.

Rain Jackets and Pants

The standard and most important piece of rain gear you can have. It will protect your head and core from the elements and keep you dry, which will allow you to stay warm and comfortable no matter what it’s like outside. While the jacket itself does not insulate you, it does keep the layers underneath from getting wet, so they can continue to do the job of regulating your body temperature. The best rain jackets are constructed of waterproof and breathable fabrics, with seams that do not leak, allowing excess moisture to evaporate out while keeping the integrity of the waterproofing intact. For rain pants, the same design and build principles apply, and side zippers for ventilation and easy donning make valuable upgrades.

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Rain Clothing Care

Caring for your rain gear protects your investment so it performs and lasts as long as possible. Rain gear is manufactured with a repellency that helps aid in both keeping water out and protecting the fabric underneath. Over time, this coating can fade, especially in high-friction areas like the shoulders where the straps of your packs will be constantly rubbing against your jacket. Products like Nikwax can be used to clean the gear and revitalize the coating, allowing rain to bead up and roll off, which in turn allows the fabric to breathe better, keeping you drier and more comfortable.

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