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Let’s start big. You are going to need shelter out there, and what kind of tent you have is a very important choice to make while you are preparing for your trip. Tents come in all shapes, sizes, and weights, and you should choose your tent based on what the nature of your excursion. Click the categories below to read more about the different types of tent you have to choose from so you can make an informed selection.

Camping Tents

If your trip will be fairly low-key, these are the tents for you. Designed to be big, roomy and comfortable, camping tents are an excellent choice if you are only walking a short distance to where you will make camp, or maybe even just unloading the trunk of your car right at the campsite.

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Backpacking Tents

If you plan on being out on the trail for a couple nights, carrying your shelter in your pack, we suggest you consider a backpacking tent. Designed with a balance between roominess and weight in mind, these tents are going to be smaller and lighter than the camping variety, leaving more room in your pack for the other things you will need while you’re away from civilization.

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Ultralight Tents

Designed with the hardcore backpacker in mind, ultralight tents provide the best option when you will be on your own for extended periods. Even smaller and lighter than standard backpacking tents, these will shave liters of room and grams of weight from your pack, so you can carry more food and fuel. Ultralight tent designs put more emphasis on light weight than roominess, so the quarters will be snug so the voyage can be long.

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