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Order FAQs

Why does my payment card show two charges?

We charge your card only for the portions of your order that have shipped.  If you had multiple items in your order, and they shipped from multiple locations, or over multiple days, you will see separate charges; one for each shipment.

My order was cancelled, but I still see the charge for it on my credit card statement.

Typically you will see a pending charge on your bank account as soon as you submit your order.  If your order was cancelled, we send this information to your bank so that they will remove the pending charge from your account.  Depending on how your individual bank handles authorizations, this may take 1 to several days to resolve.    Please contact your bank directly for more information or assistance.

I got an email that some of my order has been cancelled due to unavailability, why would you let me order it if it wasn't available?

We make every effort to ensure the availability of the products on our site.   On rare occasions, when inventory is low and multiple people checked out at the same time from different shopping channels (i.e. one person bought from a store location, another bought from our online store), inventory is momentarily out of sync.  In the rare cases this happens, the system will assign the inventory to the person whose order processed first, which can result in some customers receiving cancellation emails.  We are very sorry if this has happened to you.  Please contact Us to help find an alternate item.

Why can't I add my product to my cart?

We do our best to ensure the products displaying on the site are purchasable!  That said, there are a couple of reasons you may not be able to add an item that is displaying to your cart:

  1. Check to make sure you have selected a size and color -- an item is not cartable until you've selected a size and color. 
  2. Look to see if your size/color selection is "grayed/X’d out" -- if it is, that means it is currently out of stock.  Please try another item.
  3. If you've already checked the above, and the "add to cart" button is still "grayed out", the item may be out of stock and in the process of being removed from the site (which can take up to 15 minutes). 
  4. If you are trying to order through in-store pickup, the item you are trying to buy may not be in stock from the store location you have selected.  Try another location.
  5. Some items, like combustibles or certain specialty bikes, are available for in-store pickup only.  See the product page for details.

    Still having trouble?  Please contact Us

I did not receive an email confirming you received my order.  How can I be sure my order went through?

After you complete the checkout process, an order confirmation will appear on your screen detailing your final order, including shipping charges, your billing address, and the items that are being sent to your shipping address. We recommend making note of the order number for your reference. 

After we've validated your payment & delivery information, and assuming you've provided a correct email address, you will receive confirmation via e-mail that your order is being processed. This typically takes a few moments, but if there are any discrepancies provided with your billing or delivery information, it may take several hours for us to review & resolve.

If you do not see your order confirmation email within a reasonable amount of time, please check your spam folder.

If you still have concerns about the status of your order, please contact Us. Be sure to provide the order date,  as well as the name, email address, billing and shipping addresses associated with the order so we can efficiently research on our end.

Why can't I buy the bike I want and have it shipped to me?

Some of our bikes require minimal assembly that can be done at home -- those bikes we CAN ship to you.  But many of our bikes are high end / technical pieces of equipment that require a certified bike technician to assemble and fit to the specific rider.  While those bikes can be purchased online, they must be picked up in store so that our bike technicians can custom fit the bike to you. There will be information on the product page of each bicycle designating your options.