Ice Climbing & Mountaineering



Lake Placid and the surrounding area are home to some of the best and most accessible ice climbing in the United States. The variety of winter climbing terrain here makes the Adirondack Mountains a sought after ice climbing destination for many every winter. The shorter low angle stepped waterfalls of Cascade Pass serve as the perfect classroom for our introductory programs, while classic longer Adirondack routes such as Chouinard’s Gully and Roaring Brook Falls make unforgettable outings for our guests once they have had a chance to practice and become comfortable with some basic climbing skills. Climbers who are looking to learn the fundamentals of mountaineering will find the many exposed alpine climbs and open summits of the Adirondack high peaks region offer the perfect setting to do so, whether you want to build the necessary skills to climb the tallest peaks in the Northeast in the winter or you plan to travel and climb in other mountain ranges. If you’re not sure which program is right for you feel free to give us a call. We are more than happy to help you choose a course or private program that is right for you based on your experience and goals, whether you have been climbing for years or if you are excited to try climbing for the first time. Our guides are out climbing daily during the winter season and we are always excited to share our first hand knowledge of the dynamic winter environment with our guests.

Private Guided Climbs

keith2-510x350Looking to master a specific skill or accomplish a particular goal or maybe you just want the guide to yourself, or on a day of your own choosing. Regardless of the reason or the size of your party, just give us a call at 800-310-4504 to set up a private climbing day tailored to your needs and schedule. Private ice climbing and mountaineering available 7 days a week. READ MORE
Available 7 days a week. Please call 800-310-4504 to schedule a climb.

Winter Climbing 101

 510x350-nc-ice-trJoin us on this course for some great climbing on both snow and ice, and you’ll come away with a full understanding of the fundamentals of winter climbing. It all starts here for people headed toward the winter pursuits of ice climbing or winter mountaineering. In this full-day course, we will outfit you with all the gear required to move on steep snow and moderate-angled ice. READ MORE  
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one day / ratio 4:1 / private classes also available

Accelerated Mountaineering

mw-self-arrestThis is our most popular winter program, and a solid foundation for anyone headed to Mt. Rainier, Mt. McKinley, or similar objectives. Your three individual days of instruction begin with our Winter Climbing 101 course where we’ll teach you the basics of hiking above treeline with crampons and an ice axe. On day two, you will apply the skills you learned on your first day on a moderately-angled snow and ice route. Finally, on day three, you’ll put everything you’ve learned to the test with a thrilling summit attempt of a High Peak!
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three days / ratio 1:4 / private trips also available

Ice Climbing Fast Track

keith-climb1---510x350In this 2-day course, we combine our Winter Climbing 101 and our Ice Climbing 201 courses to provide a comprehensive 2-day ice climbing experience which focuses on the very foundation skills of ice climbing and winter mountaineering while providing an opportunity to test your ice climbing skills on steeper terrain. READ MORE
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two days / ratio 1:4 / private classes also available

Mountaineering 201

510x350-nc-mtn-201Looking at classic mountaineering objectives out West, or the committing winter ascents of the East? Then we’ll take the skills you learned in Winter Climbing 101 and apply them on a long route that will get you way up above the valley. We’ll cover lots of ground, protecting the party while moving together on the rope, and belaying the sections that require more care. Route selection, hazard assessment, and decision-making in the mountains all come into play as we steadily gain elevation. READ MORE
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one day / ratio 1:3 / private classes also available

Ice Climbing 201

If you’ve taken our Winter Climbing 101 course or have some previous ice climbing experience, this full day course is for you. After reviewing the basics of ice axe and crampon use and self arrest techniques, we will then focus on specific techniques for efficient movement on steeper ice. We’ll help you fine-tune those techniques and then move on to ice protection and anchors. As with all of our courses, we provide all technical gear and offer everyone personalized instruction in a group environment. READ MORE
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one day / ratio 1:3 / private classes also available

Glacier Skills & Crevasse Rescue

If you aspire to climb bigger mountains out West or abroad, learning to rope up for and travel over glaciers is essential. You’ll also need to know how to extricate yourself or your partner from a crevasse. Though there are no glaciers in the Northeast, our instructors can teach you all of the latest tricks and techniques for navigating though these hazards. A portion of the day will be spent learning the basics of glacier rigging for different sized rope-teams, as well as equipment options and crevasse rescue systems. We will then set up and practice the demonstrated techniques in the field. We require technical climbing experience or participation in one or more of our mountaineering courses for this hands-on, technical program.
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one day / ratio 1:6 / private classes also available

Alpine Climbs

This course is less about learning new skills and more about “putting it all together” on long classics in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. You’ll use your mountaineering skills, ice climbing skills and “mountain sense,” as well as your fitness and endurance to maximum efficiency. Your decision-making will also be tested – especially your avalanche hazard assessment skills as you push yourself to exciting new levels in some of the most starkly beautiful and challenging settings in the East. If conditions allow, routes like the Trap Dike on Mt. Colden or the North Face of Gothics are possible destinations for these climbs. These climbs will either be done as a Marathon 10 to 12 hour day or as a two day outing including an overnight in tents. Special rates apply for these extended backcountry climbs. Please call to discuss pricing and pre-requisites. Maximum guide to climber ratio for these climbs is 1:2.
Available 7 days a week. Please call 800-310-4504 to schedule a climb.

Learn to Lead on Ice

The name says it all here – you want to move to the other end of the rope, and your experience so far says that it’s time. In this course, we’ll fill in any technical gaps that might exist in your set of skills, and move into the realm of the “sharp end.” We will begin to teach you how to think like a leader: assessing your party, choosing an appropriate route, sorting through the gear required, racking efficiently, protecting both leader and second, and planning for the descent. And remember – with your 20% outfitting discount, you can build up your rack after the course and work with your guide to decide which gear to buy. You must have significant experience following on ice, and preferably some experience leading on rock to be ready for this course.
Available 7 days a week. Please call 800-310-4504 to schedule a climb.

Mixed Climbing

Are you looking to open up a whole new world of climbing possibilities? Enter the growing world of mixed climbing and learn to climb routes that involve a combination of some rock and some ice. This course will tap into your creative side and show you some fun, new ways to solve problems. We’ll be using ice climbing crampons and tools for both the rock and ice sections, so we’ll show you a few tips and tricks on how to get those steel points to stick to stone and then we will get right on those routes you have been eyeing. Previous ice and rock climbing experience is a must to be reach for this course.
Available 7 days a week. Please call 800-310-4504 to schedule a climb.