Feet First: Keeping Your Feet Injury Free

Feet First: Keeping Your Feet Injury Free

No matter what your favorite outdoor sport is, a great day begins with happy feet. If you're not careful, blisters, ankle sprains and other aches and pains can send you home early or worse, put your name on an alpine rescuer dispatcher's list. Here's a look at some of the most common outdoor foot injuries, the places you're most likely to encounter them and how to keep your feet happy and healthy on the trail.

Feet First

Let's jump feet first into what you can do to keep your feet injury-free and ready for the next adventure.

Know Your Enemy

Wildlife if a bear is chewing on your ankle, you may be on your own.

Footwear Support and fit are your friends for injury-free feet.

Loose terrain

Gravel, sticks, or rocks are always waiting to strike.

Hard Terrain

Rock-hard terrain can really beat on your feet

Ups and Downs

The forsce caused by inclines and declines can spell pain.

Common foot injuries

stress fractures plantar fasciitis heel spurs blisters achilles tendon rupture ankle sprain

Accept Defeet? Never!

Here are some tips to keep your dogs from barking.

Proper stretching. Stretch and slowly job to warm up . Never force or "bounce." Conditioning. increase the frequency and variety of activities over time. Footwear. Choose the right footwear for the activity, and know what fits. Worn Gear. Failing gear and worn-out footwear can result in injury. Terrain. Know your terrain and adjust accordingly. Recurring in jury. Use a brace or tape on areas of previous injury. Listen to your body. Experiencing pain? Stop! Small pains can become serious issues if not properly rehabilitated

Wounded warrior.

Got an injury? Trick Some R.I.C.E. Rest, ice, compression, Elevation