Finding the Right Footwear Style

What kind of footwear should you wear hiking? How about running a trail? What kind of boots should you wear when carrying a heavy pack? These tips will help you match the right footwear to your activity.

Put your best footwear forward

Explore in style, the right footwear for the right adventure. Look for these different footwear classifications at

Regularly run on trails and mixed surchaves?

Trail runners

  • Low ankle cut for maximum mobility
  • very flexible outsole
  • shallow traction lugs
  • running specific design
  • lightweight construction

Hiking on hilly or flat terrain?

Hiking Shoes

  • Low ankle cut for mobility
  • Very flexible outsole
  • Moderately deep traction lugs

Planning to hike in the mountains?

Hiking Boots

  • Medium ankle cut for moderate support
  • Medium outsole flex
  • Moderately deep traction lugs

Planning to hike with a heavy backpack?

Backpacking Boots

  • High ankle cut for firm support
  • Minimal outsole flex for maximum support underneath
  • Deep lugs for dependable traction
  • Partial or full leather construction for maximum durability

Maintenance & Repair

After every trip, clean your boots off and remove the insoles so everything can fully dry. Replace the laces and waterproof treamnet when the've worn out. Don't be so quick to give them the boot.


Eventually, even your strongest pair of boots will need to be put down, and knowing when is key. if the soles are worn smooth, water is seeping inside, or you're getting blisters, it's time for your boots to take a hike.