Politics Escape Pack

Talking politics got you feeling a certain way? Are you over the political aisle divisiveness? Not sure you can handle another rant on social media from your old neighbor? We've got what you need to get out of there in a hurry. No matter who you're voting for, you can always vote yes on Prop Go Outside with our Politics Escape Pack.

Get Your Gear

Next time Phyllis corners you at the mailbox with her unprompted thoughts about your local elected official's coded language, grab our roomy EMS Sector 25L pack filled with a pair of Approach Trekking Poles and a ready to go Camp Chair - as well as enough space for a few more necessities. It's the go-to kit to get you to your outdoor happy place ASAP.

The outdoors is calling - but unlike Mark in accounting, it doesn't have any thoughts on last night's debate. So next time the conversation gets too intense for your liking, pull the escape cord and get outside where everything is better. We've got everything you need to get as far away from the noise as you want, with all the tools in one handy place to help you relax and recharge.

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